Workshop R-Biopharm


TUESDAY 14 JANUARY 2020 | 12.30 – 13.30

RIDA©SMART APP and QualiT™  – Your first line of defence against mycotoxins in food & feed

Sponsored by R-Biopharm, Germany and Trilogy Analytical Laboratory, USA


Mycotoxin contaminations of food and feed have a huge economic impact. Mycotoxin contaminations of crops are unavoidable, but mycotoxins can be managed. During the entire process from field to food or feed critical steps can be identified to monitor mycotoxins. For this approach a mobile, easy to use tool to make quick, on-site decisions is essential. Lateral flow-based test are well accepted methods for this. For a quantitative result a lab environment was still required. R-Biopharm now presents the next generation in rapid, on-site mycotoxin testing. We have developed an app, which allows you to use your smartphone as a lateral flow reader.


But that is just one part of the story. You want to be sure you are making the correct decisions as well. QualiT™ is a toolbox developed by Trilogy Analytical Laboratory for quality control in mycotoxin analysis. QualiT™ offers (certified) reference materials, both as pure material and as well as naturally contaminated materials, quality control materials and analytical standards. Besides that, Trilogy offers additional useful tools for sample preparation and sample clean-up and knowledge database, collecting 20 years of experience as an (ISO 17025 accredited) food testing lab, specialised in mycotoxin, allergen mycotoxin binder testing.

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